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See listings under Hiking and Boating for additional references to New Jersey campgrounds. Many state and all national parks offer engaging interpretive programs on the history and environment of the area, with many offered in the evening for campers.

new jersey state parks
New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry, PO Box 404, Trenton, 08625-0404. 1-800-843-6420, 609-984-0370. Campsites, cabins, group cabins, lean-tos, shelters and yurts may be available depending on the park. Reservations can be made online, through their by calling the individual park office up to 11 months in advance.
        A guide to activities and facilities and maps for New Jersey's state parks and forests can be picked up at any state park service office or can be mailed by calling 1-800-843-6420. The events calendar is also available online.
       Trail Tracker interactive trail maps allow you to track your current location, view trails and points of interest, and search for park activities from devices with cellular service. PDF maps can be downloaded before entering areas of limited cell service from the Trail Tracker website.

       Ask for a Passport when visiting a state park, forest or historic site and collect an official passport sticker as you visit sites throughout the state. Each sticker represents a significant feature of the area. Collect a minimum of 10 different stickers to receive a prize.

new jersey campground association

P.O. Box 808, Marmora, NJ 08223, 1-800-2-CAMP-NJ. For a free copy of the annual Campground & RV Guidebook for New Jersey, call, write or email: or download online.

national park service

Cabin and campsite reservations for National Park Service sites can be made up to 6 months in advance on a rolling basis (5 months for Yosemite). Group facilities can be reserved up to 12 months in advance. A selection of campsites are reserved for walk-ins, first-come, first-served. Look up the particular park at the National Park Service website for campground information and tips. Reservations can be made online, in person at a site, or handled by phone by the National Recreation Reservation Service at 877-444-6777. For customer service, phone 888-448-1474.
       Additional park information is available at the National Park Foundation and American Park Network, publishers of visitor guides for national and state parks across America.
       Reservations for lodging at a number of parks can also be made via authorized concessionaires such as Xanterra Parks & Resorts and Forever Resorts.
       Visit Reserve America for campground information, trail maps, guidebooks and to make reservations at many public and private campgrounds nationwide.

junior rangers
The Junior Ranger program, available at many National Parks, consists of completing an activity booklet while visiting the park and upon completion, earning a Junior Ranger badge. For more information, visit website. For those who are unable to visit a national park, an on-line Web Ranger program with activities and rewards can be completed online.

every kid in a park pass

Fourth graders and their families receive a free 4th Grade Annual Pass good for free access to hundreds of national parks, lands and waters. Visit website for details and to get your pass.

Camp Speers-Eljabar YMCA Family Camp
143 Nichecronk Rd., Dingmans Ferry, PA, 570-828-2329
    Boating, swimming, riding, outdoor activities in the Poconos open to families and groups on select fall and spring dates.

Fairview Lake YMCA Family Camp
1035 Fairview Lake Rd., Newton, 800-686-1166
    Open to organizations and families during the spring, fall and ­winter. Boating, ­swimming, fishing, ­environmental programs, hiking, arts and crafts and more. Special parent/child weekends are also offered.

Frost Valley YMCA
2000 Frost Valley Rd., Claryville, NY, 845-985-2291
    Established in 1901 as one of the nation's first summer camps, Frost Valley YMCA is a 6,000 acre residential camping, environmental education and conference center open to individual families, scouts and community groups.

Jenny Jump State Forest
State Park Rd., Hope, NJ, 908-459-4366
    Small state campground has 22 private campsites in the woods and 8 shelter cabins each furnished with 2 bunk beds, woodburning stove & small table and benches. Several miles of hiking trails lead thru rugged, rocky terrain with scenic overlooks to Delaware Water Gap and other vistas; convenient to Land of Make Believe. United Astronomy Clubs of NJ Greenwood Observatory is open 8-10:30pm Sat. late April thru Oct. for presentations and public observing.
Sat Apr-Oct
          Stargazing & Lectures, 8-10:30pm. Beginners and children are welcome.

Mohican Outdoor Center
50 Camp Mohican Rd., Blairstown, 908-362-5670
AMC Reservations: 603-466-2727
    Former boy scout camp on the banks of Catfish Pond, a 60-acre glacial lake, is now operated by the Appalachian Mountain Club in partnership with the National Park Service. Hiking on the Appalachian Trail, fishing, swimming, canoeing, biking, rock climbing, birdwatching, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, campsites and lodging available.
   Outdoor programs for all ages and levels of interest are offered year round for members and non-members. Facilities, available on a space-available basis, include lodge with heated central gathering area, seasonal meals, shower and fireplace; shared bunkroom and private cabins; seven rustic campsites; group campsite; and three tent platforms and ground site overlooking Catfish Pond.
   Weekend Getaways, volunteer-led themed-programs are open year round to adult members and non-members.
         Family Adventure Camps & Weekends are offered at the Mohican Outdoor Center and other AMC locations during school vacations and summer. Check website for dates.

Pocono Environmental Education Center
538 Emery Rd., Dingmans Ferry, PA, 570-828-2319
    Located in a former Pocono resort in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, PEEC offers daytime and overnight nature programs for families, educational family weekends, nature and birding treks, homeschool programs, workshops for educators, scout/school trips, summer camps and other special events.

Wharton State Forest
31 Batsto Rd., Hammonton, Batsto Office: 609-561-0024
Atsion Office: 609-268-0444
    Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day: $5 weekends. The largest single tract of land within the New Jersey State Park system, Wharton State Forest is the site of Batsto Village in the Pine Barrens, a former bog iron and glassmaking industrial center from 1766 to 1867, and features miles of unpaved roads for mountain biking and horseback riding, trails for hiking, rivers and streams for canoeing/kayaking, and numerous lakes, ponds and fields for wildlife observation. The 50-mile Batona Trail connects Wharton, Brendan Byrne (formerly Lebanon) and Bass River State Forests. Campsites include tent and trailer sites, wilderness campsites, group campsites and nine furnished cabins.

YMCA Camp Mason
23 Birch Ridge Rd., Hardwick, 908-362-8217
    Outdoor education, group programs, family camps, parent/child camps, and Women's Wellness Weekends are offered from late August to mid June.